Insurance Disclaimer

Our goal is to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. As a courtesy, we are happy to bill your dental plan for services. However, when we call on your insurance and verify benefits it is not a guarantee of payment. Any treatment plan that our office proposes to you is an estimate of what your insurance coverage will be, it is not a guarantee. If you prefer an exact payment of benefits, then a pretreatment is required. If you would like this done, you must specify to the front office team before any work is initiated. (This takes 6-8 weeks).

Please note, we do not accept nor participate with any DMO/HMO insurance plans, Medicaid, or discount plans. Please remember that the contract itemizing your dental benefits is between you, your employer, and your insurance company. Regardless of coverage, your estimated co-payment is due in full the day of treatment. It is important for you as the patient to have a copy of your policy and some understanding of it. This will help you avoid any financial misunderstandings. If your insurance plan does not pay within 120 days of treatment, you are required to pay any outstanding balance and seek reimbursement from your dental plan. As a reminder, dental insurance plans are not designed to cover all your dental needs, nor are they concerned about your health.

Our goal as an office is to give you the best treatment possible and meet or exceed your expectations. We devote a great many hours’ discussing how we might make it a better experience for you the patient!

Patients without Insurance

We are more than happy to treat patients without Dental insurance. Your visits would be fee for service and can be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Our in-house VIP discount plan is also available for purchase for our patients without dental insurance. This plan is a great option for patients who plan to be seen twice or more a year for checkups and cleanings. Please inquire within for more information.

Why Choose Us ?

  • State of the art dental practice
  • Every patient that enters the door is treated like family
  • Offices designed with comfort, safety and privacy in mind
  • Six month smiles braces provider
  • Friendly and caring staff
  • Spanish speaking