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Dental Financing with Sunshine State Credit in Coral Springs

Dental Financing

All smiles are beautiful, but a smile that shows off healthy gums and sparkling teeth is positively radiant. You know just how important oral health care is to your smile, and you know how much it can impact your overall health as well. Unfortunately, maintaining that perfect smile may require more than a good home care routine. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings by a dental professional are a must, and even the most diligent brushers can find themselves facing a dental emergency, requiring additional procedures such as sealants or crowns, or desiring cosmetic improvements such as braces or teeth whitening. Yet too many Americans find themselves without dental insurance to cover even basic dental services, while many dental insurance plans have large deductibles or do not fully cover all procedures.

Happily, there is no reason to let a lack of dental insurance stand in the way of your beautiful smile. Designing Smiles by Dr. Diaz is pleased to offer our patients access to dental financing through Sunshine State Credit. Sunshine State Credit is a family-operated insurance company dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their credit history or financial background, has access to the high quality medical and dental care they need. Sunshine State Credit specializes in obtaining financing— at regular interest rates—for anyone, even if they have a poor credit rating, history of bankruptcy, or have been turned down by other lenders. Sunshine State Credit believes that people are inherently good and understands that life can throw you unexpected curveballs. So whether you have had financial problems in the past or find yourself in financial hardship down the road, Sunshine State Credit will work with you to develop a payment plan that fits your circumstances and your budget.

Don’t let lack of insurance coverage or a poor credit rating stop you from getting the healthy beautiful smile you and your family deserve. Begin the application process with Sunshine State Credit immediately!

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